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Friday, January 23, 2009

My rarest steak to date on this site

That hunk of beef may still be mooing. This is for all you folks out there that order a steak with the hooves and horns knocked off and warmed up a bit. This is one of those glorious steaks...

While I was preparing my chili last Thursday I was also getting this beautiful piece of meat ready to be grilled on Tuesday night:

A picture from that side doesn't really do the steak justice in terms of thickness. The shot above shows the nice marbling but doesn't really give this credit it's due. This one does a better job:

I marinaded this guy in Worchestershire, garlic, black pepper, a little coke and some pepper oil to kick up the heat a bit:

Pepper oil? Take some dried peppers, put them in an oil bottle, add oil, put someplace dark, in a couple of months you have a nice spicy oil. Sadly the oil had little impact on the flavor of the steak. Just decided to try something new. Sometimes when you take a swing you hit a homerun. Sometimes you hit a single. Sometimes you swing and miss. No big deal.

The steak is ready for the fridge and an all night soak in that marinade:

The next day I pulled it out of the fridge, rinsed off the marinade, let it come up to room temp and then added some coarse salt and black pepper:

While my coals were heating up outside I got a proper beverage to enjoy with the meal. 91 point wine for $12 is a great deal as this bottle was really good:

BTW, for those of you wondering where I got the name GrillinFool, well maybe because on a Tuesday night in January I was outside grilling when the temp was this (not to mention windchill and it was pretty windy):

As for the grilling proces, here is a video of the process. Considering how dark my videos have been in the past I decided to try to do something about it. I got all kinds of fancy by holding a mag light under my arm, filming, and cooking all at the same time. The mag light lighting method is not the best method. I need to come up with something else for this. Maybe a portable shop light. But here is the video and it helps show the process from start to finish:

Here is the steak brought in to rest. Nice cross hatch:

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