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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Grilled Bologna? Not slices, an entire chub of bologna

I got the idea for grilling an entire chub of bologna from Net Cooking in the BBQ Forum. Simple enough recipe to try. Take an entire chub of bologna, slice off the bottom so it stands upright. Score the sides. Smoke/indirect for a few hours. To me, it hearkened back to college and fried bologna sammiches. This takes the fried bologna sammich to a whole other level and is so easy to do. Check the link below to see the rest...

Here we have the entire sealed chub of bologna:

Simply slice off the bottom to allow for it to stand upright:

Remove the plastic "skin" and score about every inch vertically:

Then repeat the process horizontally:

That's it. We didn't do a rub. Not salt (the sodium in this chub was off the chart), nothing. Just stood it up on the grill:

Here is where we ran into a few problems. After 45 minutes of indirect heat we were getting nowhere in terms of this thing cooking:

So I cut it in half to speed up the cooking process and scored the top of the newly sliced in half section at the top of this picture:

After another 90 minutes it was looking better but not the same as what I saw on the forum so I moved them closer to the coals on the left side:

At this time we had 20 ravenous people that had been smelling the ribs inside and ready to tear into some good Q. I didn't think these were done yet and left them on the grill. I had planned on just abandoning them for the evening, eating, and settling in for a poker game. But periodically I found myself outside throughout the night and rotated them a couple of times so they would cook evenly. The fire slowly died so they were not getting cooked quickly. About 7 hours after we put the bologna on, someone asked about it. So I went outside and pulled it in:

I got a couple of pictures and then in about 10 minutes half of that thing was gone:

People were making sandwiches, eating it in chunks, putting it on crackers. Either way, it was a big hit. We will do this again. And probably about the same way. I don't know how much of it would've been eaten with the main course with ribs, deer tenderloin, beans, and sides all available, but it made an excellent dessert!!

Things I would do differently next time:
  • I would do a rub on this. Nothing fancy. But I think a rub could enhance the flavor even more. And I think I would apply the rub more than once. As the crevices form as the fat renders out I would add more rub. More surface area, more flavor.


  1. What kind of rub are you thinking? I think something sweet/spicy would be good. Chipotle/brown sugar?

  2. I was leaning towards sweet or garlicy. I hadn't thought about sweet and spicy like a chipotle/brown sugar rub. Next time I do this I think I will likely cut it in half if not in thirds. Accomplishes a number of things:

    1) cuts cooking time down
    2) creates more surface area so more chance of getting that rub in a given bite
    3) the option to try more than one rub

    And of course when I do this again with multiple rubs I will take a lot of pics and have it on the site...I could just slather one in Tobasco Chipotle sauce!?!?!