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Monday, November 24, 2008

Guy Night at the GrillinFool's Part II

One of my favorite things to grill. So simple, so easy and always good. I got these monsters at Sam's. You'll get an idea of the size in a minute.

Really all scallops need are salt and black pepper and to be seared on each side. As long as you don't overcook them they will be awesome. If they are rubbery they are overcooked.

I tweak grilled scallops only a couple of ways, wrapping bacon around them, slathering some garlic infused olive oil on them or soaking them in Andria's for a bit. I promise that I am not a schill for Andria's despite how much I pimp their stuff here. In this case I did marinade them in Andria's for about 30 minutes:

But I don't want to get ahead of myself. I almost left out a step. Scallops have a tough muscle that attaches the tender delicious part to the shell. This membrane needs to be removed. Some scallops have this still attached. For some it fell off during harvesting. Three of the six I cooked at the membrane. Here is a picture of the membrane:

That pic should also give you an idea about how big these scallops were. Here is a short clip of how to remove the membrane:

Normally I just sear them over a hot fire but the cold and the wind were working against me and wicking the heat away so I flame seared these like I did the steaks:

This darkened the scallops more than I normally do when I have a hotter fire but they were delicious none the less

Part III will be my crostinis.

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