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Monday, February 2, 2009

How the GrillinFool celebrated the Super Bowl - Part III - Atomic Buffalo Turds

And finally we have the Atomic Buffalo Turds (ABT's). Don't let the name scare you. These things are incredible. A jalepeno stuffed with cream cheese a little smoky and wrapped with a half a slice of bacon. And for those of you that think this will be way to hot trust me they aren't as hot as it would seem. Certain things need to be done to minimize the heat. To see how to minimuze the heat click on the link below to see...

All you need for ABT's are peppers, little smokies, cream cheese and bacon as you can see below. I used two kinds of peppers. Standard Jalepeno's and whatever those little red ones were which I think were just baby red bell peppers.

The process is simple. Slice the peppers lengthwise leaving the stem which will make a great handle when they are cooked. Then scoop out the seeds and white flesh. I used a melon baller for this. If you want to make them hotter leave the white flesh and seeds. The white part and the seeds inside the jalepeno is where the year really comes from. If the outer part is cooked enough it won't pack much heat.

Once the peppers are halved and scooped spoon in a little cream cheese. I left the cream cheese out on the counter for about an hour to soften up and make this part of the process easier. Add a little smoky to each half pepper, wrap with a half slice of bacon and stick a toothpick into the bacon and the smoky to keep everything in place. Here is the process in the picture below from left to right:

Here is a platter full of ABT's that are ready to go on the grill:

These guys went onto the same grill that had the Bacon Explosion on it. They take about 45 minutes to smoke at around 250. The real timer though is the bacon. When it looks done the ABT's are done. The Fatty had been on about 2 hours at this point so I wanted to get my ABT's on right away. I put on half of them here. I added the other half about 20 minutes later:

Here we have the second batch. They have been on for about 20 minutes:

Here we have both the Bacon Explosion and the second batch of ABT's ready to come off the grill. I think I left these guys on about an hour while I socialized and played with my son:

And finally the ABT's on a plate and ready to eat. Be careful that cream cheese is like lava when they first come off the grill. While they cooled I got a couple of shots for this site:

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