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Monday, February 2, 2009

How the GrillinFool celebrated the Super Bowl - Part II - Sliced Ribeye Sammiches

Normally this is just served on Christmas Eve but my dad broke this out for the SB. This is an excellent recipe for feeding a lot of people as it is simple and once the meat is cooked it can remain in a warm oven for quite some time while the rest of the meal is prepared. This is so simple and so flippin good!!!

Basically go to your local butcher and ask him or her to slice a ribeye cut wafer thin. We're talking about right at a quarter inch thick. While traveling for his job my Dad got the meat at the Save-A-Lot in Princeton, Indiana for $3.99 per pound. And the meat cutter there, Jim, sliced it perfectly for this. When you get home put those slices in a ziplock with some Andria's and coke and allow to marinade overnight.

If you don't have access to Andrias, Worcestershire, garlic and cola will suffice. You could do Dr. Pepper if you want as well.

The next day, set yourself up a grill with high heat on one side of the grill and low on the other. One side to quickly sear the meat and the other side for a nice ribeye spa which is where you put the marinade in a disposable tin pan. Once the steak is cooked, toss it in the pan to keep it warm:

Let's get a look at that succullent meat. How good does this look:

Once the grill is hot, slap that meat on the heat:

Sear it quickly on one side:

Then flip and repeat:

It doesn't take very long. 60 second on each side should do it if the fire is hot enough. Remember this stuff is very thin. As the slices finish cooking transfer them to the spa where you can see the sauce is steaming:

As the pan fills apply more of the marinade as you can see here. That black stuff is extra marinade:

Despite it not taking long to cook each slice, there are a ton of slices and only so much grill space so to finish all of the meat it might take an hour or two. In a situation like this, that just means more time for drinking as my father was demonstrating as he was tending to the meat:

Once the pan if full, slap some tin foil over it and throw it into a warm oven. When it's time to feed the masses, pull off the foil and set next to whatever condiments you desire.

For me all I need is some mayo or sometimes a slice of cheese:

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